An Americano, also known as a Caffe Americano, is an espresso drink created with hot water and espresso. One or two shots of espresso and various water ratios can be used to make the drink. Diluting the dark espresso roast makes the flavor closer to that of a drip coffee, which could explain the name! The term's actual origin is unknown, however it is assumed to have started in the 1970s. In Italian and Spanish, "Americano" means "American," referring to the coffee's intensity being closer to that of an American-style drip coffee.

How To Make Americano Coffee

Here is the recipe how to make americano coffee at home!

The steps:

  • Make a decision about the size of your drink. An espresso mug can generally fit a 1-shot Americano (shown here). A latte mug is ideal for a 2-shot drink.
  • Make a cup of espresso. Make espresso with espresso roast coffee using your preferred method: an automated espresso machine, a manual espresso maker, or an Aeropress.
  • Bring the water to a boil. Boil the water in a conventional or electric teapot. The normal water-to-espresso ratio is 2:1, but you can go as high as 3:1.
  • Combine the two and have fun! Pour the hot water into the espresso machine. Caffe Americano in a flash!

What Is The Water To Coffee Ratio For An Americano?

For an Americano's average ratio is 2:1.

2 parts hot water to 1 part espresso is the ratio. This ratio gives the drink a dark and bitter flavor, similar to a lightened version of espresso.

Is An Americano Just Black Coffee?

An Americano is more than just a cup of black coffee. It's basically an espresso shot that's been diluted with water. This drink can be made in two different methods, each with a different appearance. First, start with hot water, then add espresso on top; second, start with espresso, then dilute with hot water.

How Is An Americano Made?

It is very simple! (A shot of espresso holds about 1 ounce.) To prepare an americano, hot water is added to the espresso, converting it from a small, strong shot to a weaker, larger cup of coffee that resembles drip coffee.

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