To make an iced latte at home is super easy used espresso machine. Having an espresso machine at home opens up a nearly limitless menu of drinks that can be made with just a little ice and creativity. We've compiled a list of simple iced latte that is ideal for a hot summer day.

Make An Iced Latte With Espresso Machine

This incredibly simple and delicious drink is a staple that is quick to make—bonus points for variations like adding vanilla syrup or chocolate (iced mocha). On a programmed GS3 AV, we used Counter Culture's Hologram Blend at a 1:2 brew ratio (18g in: 36g out) to make this iced latte.

How to make iced latte with espresso machine: the recipe;

  1. Fill a cup with 3-4 oz. of your preferred milk
  2. Pull a shot of espresso directly over the milk
  3. Stir it quickly
  4. Finally, add some ice. Enjoy!

How To Make A Latte With A Keurig

This is the simplest way to use Keurig K-cafe. Simply use the Shot option to brew a dark roasted k cup, then add cold milk to the frother and press the Latte button. It's that simple – just three steps with any Keurig model. Add your favorite syrup or creamer to make it exactly how you want it, then enjoy!

The recipe:


  • 1 dark roasted k cup
  • 4 ounces milk
  • sugar, flavored syrup – optional

How to make:

  1. Brew a k cup with your brewer's smallest cup setting. The 4 oz cup size is ideal, but if that's the smallest size on your coffee maker, you can use a 6 oz cup instead.
  2. Fill the milk frother with 4 ounces cold milk and froth until hot and foamy. If you don't have a frother, heat the milk in a small saucepan on the stovetop until it's steaming. The milk should then be frothed with a hand frother or whisk.
  3. While stirring, gradually add steamed milk to your coffee. Adjust the sweetness to taste.

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How To Steam Milk For Latte

Steaming and frothing milk for latte art, cappuccinos and many other milk-based espresso drinks is achieved in two key stages.

Aerating is the first of these stages. Aerating (also known as "stretching") is the process of adding air to milk. This increases the volume of the milk and creates the micro-foam used to make latte art or cappuccino froth.

The second stage is emulsification, also known as 'texturing.' This micro-foam is emulsified to produce a smoother, richer, and thicker end product.

The time you spend aerating your milk is determined by the type of drink you're making.

How to steam milk for latte:

  1. Purge group head
  2. Dose coffee into the portafilter
  3. Tap to distribute coffee evenly
  4. Tamp the coffee firmly
  5. Insert portafilter into the group head
  6. Activate brewing process immedietly
  7. Add fresh milk below spout level
  8. Turn steam valve on full power when frothing
  9. Angle wand slightly off-centre
  10. Aerate milk by holding tip at the surface
  11. Submarge tip and heat to 65 C
  12. Close the valve and wipe the wand with a clean cloth
  13. Purge to remove any milk from wand
  14. Bang the jug to remove big bubbles
  15. Swirl to homegenise milk

Do You Need To Froth Milk For Iced Latte?

There's no need to froth your milk for an iced latte. This is due to the fact that hot milk will melt your ice. So you want to make iced lattes with cold milk. Making iced lattes is much faster than making hot lattes because you don't have to wait for the milk to steam.